C is for Cookie!

I love me a good cookie and Nicole in pastry has made some delicious ones the last couple days at work. Who doesn’t love a fresh cookie to snack on while on the job?!

Chocolate Chip w/ sea salt
Red velvet w/ white chocolate and anoatmeal cherry cookie made into an ice cream sandwich with vanilla bean gelato

If you’d like to see more of her pasty work, check out her Instagram profile here.


Second Beginnings.

On April 23, 2021, I worked my last day at Tanabe Racing Development USA. After ten and a half years, I felt that it was time for me to leave and start a new chapter in my life. Yes I know it’s cliché but I came to the point where working there was no longer bringing me joy in life. In my times there, I had learned so much, met so many people and traveled more than I ever have before, I will be forever thankful for everything that James and Jiro have given me in my time there.

Never got a chance to build Mega Desk

But wait, there’s more! Leaving a job after over ten years was a big deal to me, it was a hard decision to make however it was just one of two big changes I made in my life. Soon after I left Tanabe, I also made the move to Las Vegas. One reason why I made this decision was because I felt that if I didn’t leave the SoCal area (where so many automotive aftermarket companies reside) that I would sort of fall into the same type of role again which I didn’t want. I wanted to do something new, something exciting to me and in the service industry was where I fell. I was referred to Brittney from Osteria Fiorella by my good friend Erin and landed employment here. This was a restaurant that opened in the middle of a Pandemic my James Beard Award winning Marc Vetri. Long story short, I found a job doing something fun and completely new to me and most of all, stress free. Of course there are small things that can be stressful while working but what I mean by this is that you don’t take anything home. You work, you go home and that’s that. The next day is a new one and I am so glad that I went down this road. I’ve met so many amazing people here and that’s what makes work enjoyable.

On July 12, 2021 the restaurant celebrated its one year anniversary with a buy out event in collaboration with La Strega’s Chef Gina. This was a really fun event to work, it was all hands on deck and the house was packed. Seeing all the processes go through like clockwork was truly amazing and I can’t thank the management team enough for letting me be a part of this.

The Osteria Fiorella Team


Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo is a savory Vietnamese pancake that is made with a rice based flour and a little turmeric. Pork, shrimp and bean sprouts are typical fillings and usually wrapped in rice paper like a spring roll or a as a lettuce wrap.

I wish I had taken pictures throughout the cpoking practice but I was too excited to have these made by my mom, I totally forgot! This is one of my favorites Vietnamese dishes and something I’ve been craving for a very long time!

Smoked Salmon on an Everything Bagel

During a morning FaceTime with my friends John and Erin we talked about smoked salmon and they suggested input this together and boy was I glad I did. This was a good, quick sandwich that I will for sure be making a little more often!

Smoked Salmon on a Dave’s Killer Bread Everything Bagel with cream cheese, tomato, red onion, capers, and a fried egg.

Breakfast Burrito from Rod’s

Thought I’d start sharing some foods that I enjoy. Short posts and thoughts about them, not full blown reviews because ain’t nobody got time for that.

Yesterday I had a bacon breakfast burrito from Rod’s Char-Burger in Redondo Beach. The unique thing about their breakfast burritos is that they put chili (as in chili cheese fries chili) in their burrito). Very good, I liked that the chili didn’t overwhelm the burrito, just gave it a nice twist.

Arizona Surprise

Walking to the mailbox to get my Joe Exotic mask (dumb quarantine purchases) there was an unexpected package from my sister in Arizona. Enclosed were some cards and school photos from my nephews and a handwritten letter from my sister with some photos from my childhood and family. It’s things like this that are really making this time especially hard since I’m not able to see my family. However it’s also things like this that really make me look forward to seeing them all when this whole stay at home order is over.

Tough Times

With this whole Coronavirus situation that the world is going through, our lives have definitely changed. We’re to stay at home, wear facial coverings, gloves, etc. The once busy streets and stores are now empty. It’s a change in our daily lives that a lot of us are struggling with.

We tell ourselves no big deal right? I honestly thought that I would be ok with staying at home but this week this is all hitting me really hard. Seeing my siblings and nephews on a regular basis has always been very important to me and on Tuesday for my birthday, my sister dropped off some snacks to me. It was a very awkward situation having to keep distance and not being able to hug her. She then sent me a text message that I later read and man did that hit me with a wave of tears that I could not hold back. Later that day on a Zoom call with my family I started crying again seeing everybody’s faces. I would be lying to you if I told you that I wasn’t getting teary eyed as I write this.


These really are tough times but I understand why we are being told to stay home and keep our distance. I know that once this is all over We’ll all celebrate our love for our friends and families on a level of gratitude and appreciation for one another that we have not felt before. Stay strong everybody.

Stay Active, Be Responsible

Things really have gotten bad over the last week with this whole Covid-19 situation. Running has become such a social activity but with the social distancing we’re all supposed to be practicing, it has pretty much put a stop to big group runs.

That doesn’t mean you can’t stop running and training. Your race was canceled but your training hasn’t been wasted. There is no such thing as wasted miles. Keep the ball rolling and build a better base for future races once things “get back to normal.” Make the best of this situation, find a new hobby, read that book you’ve been meaning to get to. We’re all in this together!